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31st July 2005

fayr6:42pm: Does anybody know where I can purchase the Enfamil Nursette bottles and nipples?
I'm located in Indialantic FLorida, and I've checked Publix and Walmart and not seen them in either.


26th July 2005

mackenziesmommy10:49pm: A friend of mine just told me she is going to take her 7 month old off formula and on to milk. Now I know that this should not be done until after the 1 year mark. We have had this discussion many times and I don't want to make it out like I'm telling her what to do, but come on! She thinks that her daughter is exactly how she was as a baby. Examples-- Oh, Morgan won't crawl, I never did. So she hold her hands and walks her and discourages crawling. Morgan won't eat baby food, I never did. She has been feeding her table food since about 3 months. Morgan can't sleep in a crib b/c she likes and adult mattress, I was the same way. She is thinking about buying a twin mattress to put on the floor in her room. I really don't know why I even posted this, just because it pisses me off.

Edit: This is the one that tops it off. She smacks her hands and not even the light tapping which I personally don't agree with, but a good smack. Then says,"Look it doesn't even phase her" well if it does nothing then why do it!

17th February 2005

y_not_teach4:04pm: Bottles for a gassy girl?
Can someone please reccomend good bottles for a gassy baby? I'm tired of battling my daughter every time she eats. She cries, gulps her formula down, and has trouble burping EVERY time. She also coughs a lot after drinking a few ounces. I can't ask her pediatrician, he's an ass, and we're in the process of looking for a new one. Any help would be appreciated.
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xostarxo1812:13am: Why would you ever want Brad Pit when you can have this...Collapse )
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16th February 2005

corporatebabe9:00am: Warning about Children's Advil ~ Motrin ~ Ibuprofen

Lawsuits put focus on Ibuprofen for children
Full story:

By Linda Goldston
Knight Ridder Newspapers

article behind cutCollapse )
kibbles2:37am: I think I fixed it
I thought I had it properly set so only community members could comment. I didn't, but I think I do now.

I'll ask a friend from outside the community to try to comment to this. If it still works, I'll just keep plugging away at it.

15th February 2005

xostarxo1810:39pm: Is it bad to give your baby cold fruit (baby food)?
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y_not_teach2:20pm: vomiting
I'm really depressed re: my daughter's vomiting. Sometimes it happens 5 days in a row, then nothing for 4 days. The doctor says it's just gas but of course I'm paranoid, being that she was in the hospital for her stomach twice already. It happens after she's burped, and sometimes 1/2 hour after eating. I can't seem to figure it out. Is this happening to anyone else? I really don't want to switch formula-I've heard that can cause more problems. Right now she's on Enfamil Lipil w/Iron. Sigh....
Current Mood: aggravated

14th February 2005

____outxofxluck9:27am: Maybe I'm just being overly sensitive. But, lately I feel like beating myself up. Sometimes I feel like I didn't try hard enough to breastfeed Ryleigh. Lately there seems to be a flood of breastfeeding pictures, icons, discussions, etc. I rarely get offended by it or at least I try not to. Everyone has their right to their own opinions. Ya know? But I just feel bad about the one I made. It was just so horribly painful that I couldn't take it anymore. I swear sometimes the pain I suffered during breastfeeding was worse than labor. I saw a couple of lactation consultants and such. But, it just didn't help me at all. The creams didn't help. Nothing. Maybe I should of gone to my doctor. Maybe there was something wrong that they could of helped me with. I dunno. I just feel bad.

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13th February 2005

sheenamay2:19pm: Leaving the community.


11th February 2005

pandoraparadox8:00pm: Considering Formula
My medication and medical considerations lead me to decide I could not risk breast feeding, but now I have no idea where to look for information on formula. All I can find is sites telling me how bad it is, or comercials from particular brand names. Where is a good place to get info on formula?
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y_not_teach9:18am: bummed
Not only am I sick (cold), but today I find out that 2 babies who are as old as Sam (10 weeks) are sleeping thru the nite. She sleeps for four or if I"m lucky, five....Man, I'm jealous! Can u relate?
Current Mood: sick

10th February 2005

xostarxo183:43pm: OFF TOPICCollapse )
Current Mood: curious
bhaktinbrandi2:17pm: hehe i thought this was funny

she's finally learning that she, too, can hold her bottle. that's my baby's superpower. *ok ok, i'm feeling a little bitchy today.*

my peanut cracks me up, though!
bhaktinbrandi2:07pm: another stupid rant
so maybe i'm too emotional from these damn hormones i'm taking to make my ovaries work... but i am so upset! i belong to a cloth diapering community, and somebody posted about a new AP community. now, i am waaaay into attachment parenting. we co-sleep, cloth diaper, absolutely do NOT cry it out, babywear, etc... all but breastfeed. on the user info page, there is "criteria" to join the community and #2 is...

NO FORMULA FEEDING... unless you are part of the 1% of women medically unable to do so.


argh. i would so love to find other attached parents out there that don't BF, or at least don't care that i FF. *le sigh* i need to just stop getting so upset.

9th February 2005

chaosraine4:07pm: Why is it that even in the pregnancy grad community, sometimes I feel like a royal outcast for not bfing? This chicky posted that she was so proud that she had been bfing for like 9 months, and gave very little baby food (which, my ped. said that at 6 months, even bf babies need to start taking in baby food), and posted a few pics of her and her baby... all but one of which, she was bfing... Ugh. Keep it in the boob nazi community.

7th February 2005

y_not_teach4:28pm: baby nicknames
Do you have a nickname for your baby? Mine is Piffins. It started as Muffin, then it became Miffin, and finally Piffins. I'm so in love with my daughter right now....
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6th February 2005

y_not_teach4:46pm: feeding schedule
I can't seem to figure my girl out. She's 9 weeks, and she's eating really irregularly. Sometimes she'll eat 3 oz's, sometimes 4 or 5 at one sitting. Also she's eating almost every hour, except for the four hours she sleeps at night. Isn't she supposed to go three hours or more between feedings on formula? Is anyone else going thru this or am I the only one? X Posted in a million places

3rd February 2005

xostarxo181:22pm: I think Steven is just going to say, "Screw crawling..." and just go straight into walking. If he is holding on to something, such as my thumbs, he will pull himself up into a sitting position and then he will pull himself up until he is standing. He is very strong. When he is gets up on his feet I will praise him (i.e "Hooray. Good boy. Look at my big boy.") and he will start to smile and laugh. It's just too damn cute. He is getting so big, I just can't believe it.

I love him.


I'm actually happy...

Truly happy...

For once in my life, everything is peachy.

Special thanks and :: big hugs :: to 0_layouts_4_pie and dannyell for doing such a wonderful job on my layout, I love it! You rock!

Just because I love him so much...Daddy took these pictures...Collapse )
Current Mood: happy

2nd February 2005

zoe_bat10:09am: 2,500 year old bottle
oh for a spare $3,000

I don't see how it could be used as a pump.. where would the sucking action be?

28th January 2005

beloved_sins12:53pm: Hi, I'm new, and have a quick question. I gave birth on Monday, and my milk came in on Wednesday. I was wondering how long it took for your milk to dry up. Any suggestions for making this a little more comfortable would be much appreciated.

26th January 2005

thetaets_kids10:12pm: Rubber vs. silicone
Hi, new member here. I'm so glad this community exists!

I was wondering what people's experiences/opinions were on rubber nipples vs. silicone ones. I'm especially interested in hearing from anyone using the Playtex Nurser System. Thanks. :)
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chasesmommy9:47am: I'm new here and have a 4 week old baby boy. I'm wondering how long after your baby drinks from the bottle of formula and if they don't finish it.. how long will it be good for until you have throw it away? Also were going to be going to his grandpa's soon probably my fiancees dad's house and its a bit of a drive there. So I was also wondering how long can a bottle of formula sit out for if it hasn't been used yet? Thanks in advance!

25th January 2005

sheenamay10:00pm: So the other day, I emailed handi-craft (the makers of the Dr. Brown's bottles) about their different nipples. I was specifically asking about the Level 3's because Shaun had said on the package it said "For Aggressive eaters". So I was just wondering if they had a slower flow rate. No where in my original email did I say I was using them, I was just asking about them and this is the email I got back from them today:

Dear Sheena,
Your baby should not be on a level 3 nipple; he
should be either using a level 1 or level 2. What possessed you to switch to a level 3 nipple. The level 1 is for newborns up to 3 months +; the level 2 is for babies 3 months to 5 months and the level 3 is for 6 months and older.

The reason your baby is drinking too fast and spitting up is because the nipple is too fast for him. Try using the level 1 or level 2.

Thank you,
Customer Service

I think the part that pissed me off was this line; What possessed you to switch to a level 3 nipple. I never said I switched to them. I wrote them a real nice email back, seriously, why would even say something like that to a customer?
sheenamay2:48pm: So here's a question:

How many of you feed your baby Soy formula?

And does your baby get a bloated tummy and spit up a lot?

Have you had any problems switching from soy back to a milk based formula?

Okay, this is what's going on.

After I had Iain, I was breastfeeding for the first 6 weeks. And having to supplement with glucose water at first (his pediatrican told me to, rather then add formula since I wanted to breastfeed). Then he was addmitted to the Pediatrics unit for three days because he had Jaundice really bad. While he was there, my milk was not coming in at first and when if finally did, my supply wasn't much and since he was under the lights they would bottle feed him any breastmilk I could get out and supplement with formula.

First they tried Enfamil w/ Lipil, which he threw up right away. So they tried a soy formula, which he kept down. So I just assumed he was either lactose intolerant or had a milk allergy. So when I stopped breastfeeding, I just kept him on Soy. I tried the LactoFree formula made by Enfamil once, he wouldn't go for it though, I don't know if he was just not hungry or what. But I never tried it again.

Anyway. The past two weeks, even after 8 oz. of formula (Nestle Good Start Supreme Soy w/ DHA and ARA) he was still hungry. And then I would burp him every 2oz or so, and he'd spit up an ounce or two at a time. And then even two hours after a feeding he would still spit up.

So I bought the regular Nestle Good Start Surpreme DHA and ARA last night, to see if he can handle a milk based formula. I gave him one bottle last night and he spit up, but only a tiny bit, like the size of a quarter. And his tummy wasn't all bloated and he was full.

Today, he's had two bottles of Soy and one regular so far, which he took down no problem and didn't spit up at all.

I never call his pediatrician, because when it comes to me formula feeding him, she's a real bitch because she's very pro-breastfeeding and does NOT like formula at all.

Now that I'm done and realizing how long-winded this was, haha.

Let me know what you guys think. I'm keeping an eye on him for any signs of a reaction, none so far.
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