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bottlefeeding's Journal

Bottlefeeding Support
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This community is for bottlefeeding SUPPORT. Many parents choose to bottlefeed for a variety of reasons. They often get attacked for this choice, made to feel like inferior parents. Some women use both breast and bottle and may have questions about using the bottle.

This is a safe place for them to both vent about such attacks, and to share tips on bottlefeeding, weaning, supplimentary feeding, formula, switching to milk and juice, adding solids and other child rearing and feeding issues that may come up.

NO ATTACKS PLEASE. This is NOT a debate community. We know the advantages of breastfeeding and have made the choice (or had it made for us) to not do it, or to not do it exclusively. Some of us have spent a small fortune on lactation consultants, supplimentary nursing systems, hospital grade pumps, and other things. Some of us has kids in NICU with feeding tubes. Some of us are adoptive parents. Some of us had to go back to work before a milk supply was established. Some of us had our children reject the breast early on, before a year, and can't go to cups of milk yet. Some of us may be on medication that we need to live, but could harm our child. We have our reasons, and some of us may still cry over them. Some of us may have never shed a tear. But we are all parents, and we are in this together. Please respect that.

If there are any problems with that, or you see a flame war that I miss, please contact kibbles or corporatebabe. Thank you.

I am an attachment parent, and chances are the community will lean in that direction. Doesn't mean you have to be, but I just thought I would point that out. Other points of view welcome of course.

Please contact me at the above email address if I miss any drama that needs to be stopped. This is a SUPPORT community, not a debate one.

NOTE: This community is now moderated. Safe space for our members is very important to us, and to make sure that it is as healthy and productive a community as possible, all new members will be moderated. If you have any questions or comments, again, please feel free to email me, my inbox is open to you all.

A suggestion to posters:

You may want to make your posts friends-only. Even if the post is boring, sometimes the comments can get detailed and we might want to keep the lives of our children personal.